About Us

Founded in 2007 in a 10 square meter office by Emrah ÜNAL, Destex Digital has become a company where a team of 25 experienced, professional and certified experts work, Destex Digital produces the most accurate and special digital advertising solutions for you, realizes and general marketing of your campaign Managing the necessary recommendations, suggestions and optimization processes in order to achieve its goals, Destex Digital, which provides 360-degree service, tries to offer you the highest quality service in all digital processes you need.

Our Service Concept

Destex aims to provide perfect, uninterrupted and unique Digital Advertising service to all its customers. It is the primary goal of Destex to reach higher and related clicks at lower costs, to better measure your campaign and increase the efficiency you receive from your website.


To provide our customers with quality, advanced Digital Advertising solutions that will increase their competitiveness in the process of achieving their business goals.


To understand the customer, to benefit, to analyze customer expectations and to base these expectations. To save our customers time and money.


Being a global brand that directs the industry.


As Destex Digital, we believe that we are a huge family and we try to make this belief feel to all our staff. The family atmosphere of our company, which unites under a strong bond, strengthens the harmony between the teams, as well as enabling teammates to work more selflessly and productively.


In Destex Digital, human policy and skill management begins with the recruitment process. candidate collection, selection, recruitment (orientation) and placement takes place in 4 stages. Destex Digital is of great importance for human policy and skill management, to attract high potential, promising, innovative, creative and bright people and to employ talented people in the right departments. Our personnel hired in line with these criteria are assigned to related projects according to their abilities and skills. At Destex Digital, talent management approach is aimed at common denominator by providing talented employees with appropriate environments to benefit from their performance at full capacity.