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Why We Should be on Social Media?

It is an indisputable fact that social media is the latest communication and interaction tool in our age. Socially connecting with people and following up with the developments in these areas are extremely important for all of us, especially now. The increase in social media’s power as well as the active usage rate of everyone on social media created a vast sales/advertising ground for all brands. Brands that provide products or services on Instagram started to benefit from this growth financially and got a chance to introduce themselves to their potential audiences.


The role social media ads play in this opportunity is great. An active mass existing on digital grounds and on social media activated the social networks in this sense and social media ads found their ways into our lives. Why We Should be on Social Media? is a question asked by many companies and in this process, they face with the important power created by social media ads and the importance of being digital. Then, a need was created for social media agencies to manage these works in the most professional way.


A brand existing on social media, using this area efficiently in addition to just existing, drawing attention from its potential audience and using ads models that will address to its target audience are important steps towards “correct existence”. It is undeniable that social media will provide a great digital power and benefit to you, but this can only be achieved through a correct digital plan. Posts made without making a research on the products/services the brand offers, wrongfully designed campaigns and activation of ads models that do not fit the target audience can also greatly harm the brands. So, there is a great difference between just existing and “existing in the best way possible” on social media.


What are the social media areas your target audience use? What kind of a social media language your potential audience use? What are they interested in? These questions must be answered healthily via research and exist on social media accordingly. Brands must definitely receive social media counseling to get off on the right foot. Because only a correct social media management can enable you to draw attention from your target audience and create a permanent field in this vast digital world. Getting help from an expert social media agency and climbing up the ladder in the right way will add “plus value” to your brand.



Sosyal Medya ajansı


Social Media Management and Consulting


Our Agency, awarded with many awards and Premier Partner Badge by Google, provides professional social media consulting for you. As of the moment you apply to us, our social media experts start assessing your existing social media profiles, if you have any or start analyzing the right platform to exist on, if you don’t have any social media accounts. Rival assessments, social media accounts of other companies in the same sector, their interaction and turnover rates are also evaluated. This way, the social media areas your company should exist on are determined. Your pages are created. Campaigns are generated to show you are an active brand and to reach out to your potential audience with innovations. Content plans are created for you posts by tracking your social media account.


As a social media agency, we assess various campaigns to add a plus value to your company and your brand. This way, we sustain growth on the right point that will attract the attention of your potential audience. Our Social Media Management Team provides you with regular studies and creative ideas so that you can get the best turnover from your social media management works in light of the assessments. Our creative team is ready to present your brand, your quality and your power to your target audience on social media with the most effective ideas! Each factor that will add value to your brand and have an impact on turnover rates is important to Destex Digital. Apply now to our social media agency to increase your high-quality turnover rate along with brand recognition.



For Starters

  • Social Media Account Set-up
  • Cover Graphics Design
  • Creating Necessary Corporate Content for Pages
  • Generating Introductory Texts
  • General Analysis for Existing Social Media Accounts (if any)
  • Target Audience Detection
  • Content and Hashtag Detection based on the Target Audience
  • Preparation of 3 Contents and Graphics per week
  • Sharing of Contents and Graphics
  • Answering/Following up with Questions, Comments, Messages
  • Preparation of 2 Motion Pictures per month
  • Monthly Reporting
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Advanced Package

  • General Analysis for Existing Social Media Accounts
  • Organizing the Accounts within a more Corporate Framework
  • Cover Graphics Design
  • Determining a Digital Brand Strategy
  • Campaign / Contests Management
  • Preparation of 5 Contents and Graphics per week
  • Content and Hashtag Detection based on the Target Audience
  • Preparation of 4 Motion Pictures per month
  • Sharing of Contents and Graphics
  • Answering/Following up with Questions, Comments, Messages
  • Works towards increasing Followers
  • Monthly – Weekly Reporting
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Extreme Package

  • Digital Brand Identity Assessment
  • Detailed Brand Analysis
  • Detailed Rival Analysis
  • Preparation of a Strategy Presentation each month
  • Creating and Increasing a Community based on the Target Audience of the Organization
  • Creative Content Creation
  • Post Sharing during Rush Hours of the Pages
  • Generation of 3 Infographic Videos per month
  • A Digital Bulletin sent each month
  • Momentary Moderation
  • Weekly Social Media Reflection Report
  • Generation of Campaigns / Contests
  • Monthly Reporting
  • TRY 1000 Facebook or Instagram Ads Budget
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