SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Search engine robots define some criteria to bring forward the fastest and most correct information based on user needs. These criteria emphasize the necessity of Search Engine Optimization works.


Create your online presence with a trustworthy SEO agency. It can be hard to trace and sustain a campaign on Search Engine Optimization with the resources at hand without losing sight of the bigger picture. An SEO Agency provides a search marketing service that can understand the high-level solutions for your establishment and track your progress through deliverable projects.


The digital position of our age indicates that almost all brands are present on the web. The position of an organization among search results is crucial because these web addresses are the easily-accessible “digital identities” of the organizations. Today, many national and local companies prefer to get SEO services to make sure they are positioned where their potential audience can reach them the fastest and easiest among natural search results.

Many studies show that the “digital world” is primarily preferred when it comes to purchasing products or services. Since time is scarce for everyone, we mostly gravitate towards large search engines like Google to find the information we need. Thus, it became an important marketing field for all organizations. If you own an organization, we would like to emphasize that the accessibility and position of your website on search engines affects your brand recognition and sales rates in a large scale.


Why is SEO a Necessity?, SEO Agency


icon Examination Analysis

Our process starts with the analysis of your website and continues with important details like competition, industry and keyword status analyses.

icon Content Management

In addition to industry, competition and on-site status analyses, we also make keyword analyses and carry out content management works accordingly.

icon Site Speed  Optimization

In addition to industry, competition and on-site status analyses, we also make keyword analyses and carry out content management works accordingly.


First Step into SEO


Our Search Engine Optimization works start with the first step that we call the “Exploration Process”. This process consists of detailed analyses of all aspects of the industry you work in. General Situation Assessment is one of the most critical processes in SEO works to actually see progress. We spend time on research to assess where your organization stands as of now. During this time, we understand the most critical aspects of your brand and start focusing on your target demographics. Our goal is to explore the online searches your consumers make.


Competition Research


If we wish to obtain a competitive advantage, the first step will be to define the competition. It is necessary to define the strong and weak aspects of it. It is crucial to understand the competition; thus, a continuous analysis is required. This way, you not only learn about the best moves of your rivals, but also can avoid the mistakes they make. Our team will use Search Engine Optimization studies to monitor the state between you and your rivals, know about your shortcomings and determine a plan to focus on and improve these aspects.


Keyword Research


Destex SEO Agency will analyze the fundamental keywords you will need as an organization. Keywords are divided into three groups:

• Focus Keyword: The fundamental keyword selected for each page.

• Primary Keywords: The cluster of keywords to appear in most of the explanation and within the content.

• Long Tail Keywords: These are the keywords that will only appear within the website content.


On-Page SEO


On-Page SEO, means optimizing the web pages separately to rank higher and gain a more relevant traffic. Our SEO Consultants will inform you on which pages of your website need updating based on keyword strategy and for Local SEO. On-Page SEO helps search engines to understand the focus keyword on each page.


Ideally, each page must have unique header labels and content. Using header labels correctly may help your website to be better ranked on Google. For example, h1 headers define the subject of each page both for users and for search engines. If a label is empty or not completed, search engines may rank your page lower than others.


Meta explanations are seen in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These explain to the users what each of the pages on your website are about. It is important to emphasize relevant keywords in meta explanations. Your message must be clear and must also include a trigger expression. After On-Page SEO is applied, we analyze the keyword performance to determine which pages and which keywords must move forward more.


We will assess this monthly and address the issues we define. This way, your optimization will always be up-to-date with Google’s latest algorithm changes.


Advantages of SEO Works


• Creates brand recognition and increase your mention rates,

• Has the highest turnover rate and the highest continuity as an investment,

• Enables you to directly reach out to your target audience,

• Saves on advertising expenses,

• Decreases AdWords costs,

• Increases your preferability rate by surpassing your rivals.


Off-Page SEO Works


Off-Page SEO represents the optimization techniques realized outside of your webpage and is a part of SEO digital marketing strategy. In this process, our SEO Agency will search the most relevant keywords for your services and will create SEO-friendly content with these keywords. This content will have links to direct traffic to your website. One of the most well-known Off-Page SEO techniques is to create links via brand partnerships. In this process, we also detect the websites that might improve your campaign.

icon Google Update

We don’t do shortcuts on the way to the success. Our works are carried out according to current criteria and expected updates.

icon Off-Page SEO

You will want to be talked about when you set things right on your own foundation. So, we organize the rest and impact your mention rate.

icon Assessment of  Site Architecture

General control of the tree structure, URL’s operational status and utilization analyses of other hierarchic rules as well as general architecture assessment of your website are carried out.


Technical Supervision


Our SEO Consultants will solve all the technical aspects of your website in a “large search engines-friendly” way. Supervisions are carried out via SEO tools and manually by surfing the website. SEO Agency lists issues to be solved like repeated content, scanning mistakes and many more.


As part of our Search Engine Optimization services, we assess the mobile-friendliness and accessibility of your website from all desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phone formats. We clean JavaScript and CSS issues and increase website loading speed. Additionally, within our SEO Services, we discover all possible reverse connections that might adversely affect your performance in search engines and report these for removal.


SEO Reports


SEO Agency applied its works in a way to be minimally affected by the ranking fluctuations. This way, our works are consistent with the latest updates created by Google.


We will create tracking programs on all platforms based on the keywords selected in the initial strategy. With our SEO Services, we will prepare easy-to-understand reports of your growth, keywords ranking and Yandex.Metrica, Semrush and Google Analytics data over time. You can personally contact with the SEO Team to get updates on the current status of SEO works and evaluate the reports.

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