LinkedIn Ads


According to LinkedIn data, the total number of users is 630 million. It is known that the number of active users per month of this platform is 303 million. This means many users and, more importantly, many potential customers you can target directly. Advertising on LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to connect with other B2B companies, as it allows you to focus your advertising spending on demographics to find qualified prospects and those most likely to convert. LinkedIn ads; you can be the number one marketing tool for buying and leads. However, the right technology, expertise and control should be managed.


LinkedIn Advertising Models

- Sponsored Content

- Direct Sponsored Content

- Sponsored InMail

- Text Ads

- Dynamic Ads

- Potential Customer Creation Forms


Custom Ads for Your LinkedIn Audience

Almost every company exists on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the largest business network in the world, so it's important to understand what competitors are doing. We conduct an ongoing analysis to measure how much of your main competitors are advertising, the types of updates that cause the most reactions, and what factors on the platform are helping them the most. This helps us with important adjustments of the campaign and, besides being successful, it also gives you ideas to dominate the market.


LinkedIn is excellent as a B2B networking tool that raises awareness for high potential customers and potential customers. With the help of LinkedIn Advertising Agency, you can take full advantage of LinkedIn by targeting according to the sector, business size or other special interests.


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