Product Listing Ads are used to show the products on your e-commerce website with a general product info, photo and price details on Google search engine to ensure you receive more related traffic by targeting high-quality customers with high purchasing activity. Ensuring that your Retail Sales strategy is applied in the most active way possible in the digital area, product listing ads use your website’s data feed to ensure more of your products are published while AdWords ads campaigns ensure the product inventory you wish are shown to the desired target audience via special tags.


An efficient filtering will help you measure the detailed performance of the product you select and let you easily decide which direction to point your sales strategies at. This way, you will be able to determine the budget you desire for per click costs of a product or product inventory.

Merchant Center Reklamları




Wide Reporting

Whatever the structure of your product groups is, it will provide you with unmatched filters and segmentation performance data for product features or individual products.



Advantages of Product Listing Ads

Based on research, Product Listing – Google Shopping turn into sales six times more when compared to other advertisement models…


Retail Centered Campaign Management

Product Listing Campaigns let you create AdWords product inventory directly from the products groups containing the products you wish to highlight. A new Google AdWords tool that can provide more profiting clicks for e-commerce websites on the digital medium, Merchant Center Campaign is also professionally used by Destex Digital account experts.