Google Display Ads Network is the leader display ads network in the world. Google Display Ads Network reaches out to 90% of internet users worldwide and shows over 1 trillion ads to over 1 billion users each month. You can use the Display Ads Network to place your ads in over a million of Google-contracted websites. Users spend 95% of their online time on content websites. You can use the Display Ads Network to present your ads to online users to create demand when there is none.You can use the Display Ads Network to create awareness, to make your campaign reach out to larger masses and increase your turnover.




Display Ads Network Targeting Technologies

Keywords Targeting : Your ads are shown when the keywords you selected match the content of the website.

Subject Targeting : When you select the subjects related to the products or services you offer, your ads are shown on websites in the same category. For example: if you selected “real estate” as subject, your ads can be placed on “” website.

Location Targeting : You can target Google-contracted websites in your ads. You can publish your ads by using different targeting variations together..




Remarketing strengthens the message of brands and increases the rate of brands being remembered. Organizations applying remarketing can gain advantage in the sector on their rivals. A code is added to your website. This code drops cookies on the computers of your website’s visitors. When the users leave your website and surf other websites, your ads are shown on Google Ads fields. Remarketing shows your products constantly to the visitors before they actually buy the product or services, which helps create brand awareness as well as turnover to your website and increase their chances of buying the product or services. By using remarketing, you can drop your bounce rates on your website, increase your sales, provide consistency among the users who visit your website and most importantly, seriously increase the remembering rate of your brand.